Just my Luck…Can you create your own luck?


When was the last time you felt lucky or even when did you last feel unlucky?  When was the last time you explained someone’s good fortune as being a result of good luck?  A lot of us have walked down the street and found a $20 bill or even a piece of jewelry, SCORE!  Usually if I find it in a store or somewhere the person could possibly retrieve it I always hand it to the store owner or lost and found.  Can’t risk unbalancing the karmic scales and end up on the unlucky scale.  If the person who lost it comes back guess it was that person’s lucky day all on the account of me being honest.  If it’s on the street with no owner in sight guess it’s my lucky day.

The belief of luck isn’t something I don’t think exists but it does brings up the question about the opposite issue, those unlucky times. You’ve heard the saying “luck is on my side”, but how do I get luck to pick me to be on his team more often?  Luck can be described by many as the idea that abundance and happiness only happen when you deserve it because of good fortune or how the stars were aligned.  Ever notice how when you feel lucky you are in good spirits and things seem to be happening for you?  It’s not a coincidence when you are feeling great about yourself and certain in your choices that luck suddenly finds you skipping down the road and hands you a present.

You are less likely to find luck when you are depressed or unhappy with your life.  Seems unfair seeing as that luck is needed most when you are at your worst.  You could be smiling walking down the street looking at the flowers growing next to you when all of a sudden you get a shimmer of a lost ring or the glimpse of a $100 bill.   When you are sad and depressed how could you see the ring in the fog of despair and with all those negative thoughts occupying your attention?

So, if you were to believe that luck happens when someone deserves it then you could also believe that the infliction of unluckiness is a result of deserving misfortune because of something you did or attracted.  The reality isn’t that you deserved the misfortune but that the guilt of unlucky situations is a direct reflection of how you view yourself and your situation.

We could say you create your luck and the same can be said about your unlucky days as well. Luck in actuality is always available to you.  It is dependent on you allowing luck to enter your vibration and accepting that you deserve it.  It is seeing yourself as worthy of having good fortune.  Worthiness is a hard thing to accept when you are in the throes of despair.

Just as happiness is a choice so, is luck.  Luck should then be defined as a choice to allow the good fortune that is always flowing to me into my present moment.  It is a blessing and a gift that you can manifest at any time when you are aligned with that emotion through certainty and least resistance. When you feel you are worthy and deserving of good fortunate and free of self inflicted guilt is when you are the most lucky.

We create our “now” and we attract what we feel we deserve.  Try spending a day feeling luck is on your side, that you are 1st picked on luck’s team and say “Just my luck, I chose to deserve it”.


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