The Fool


Starting my Tarot discussion I like to start with the 1st card in the Major Arcana.  The Major Arcana cards I feel are cards that are certain in their individual meaning.  They can change when placed next to other cards but their meaning is concise and certain.

I was listening to one of my favorite authors Sonia Choquette speak of The Fool.  Her view is that The Fool represents the Soul before it enters physical form.  He represents unlimited energy and potential.

foolHe carries a golden rod on his shoulder one that represents intuition and strength.  In Tarot you will often see a daytime sun or moonlit night.  The sun in this card represents that heavenly strength and masculine energy that nothing can stand in his way.  Yet he carries the white rose or flower in some decks.  This flower represents purity of heart as the soul is about to or has just entered physical form.

When I pull this card it represents abundant potential and intuition.  It is a whirlwind of energy that is about to enter your life and shape your near future.  In ancient times fools were considered insane or disconnected from reality.  Not having worries or concerns about earthly issues allows the fool to come in and not be affected by your daily troubles.  In reverse orientation The Fool can be reckless and get you into trouble.

I like to meditate on this card and draw in the intuition and potential energy this card offers to start me on a path of new beginnings.



Key 0
Numeral 0
Hebrew Letter: Aleph: air, bull, ox, man.  Air is the vehicle for communication
Kabalah: Path 1: Kether (God) to Hokmah (father).
Astrological Influence: Uranus.  The planet known as “the awakener”, it has great potential to be constructive or destructive.  Uranus is erratic and unpredictable; it stimulates ideas, change, and freedom.

*Tarot images and attributes from Reading Tarot Cards by Susan Hansson


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