Kundalini is a yogic philosophy awakening the spiritual energy in order to purify your body and bestow a state of Divine Union upon the ‘seeker’ of truth.




Mudras are positions of the body that seal in energy.  While they can be done in different poses the most common are done with the fingers and hands while meditating.

You often see the index (Jupiter) finger and the thumb touching in a lot of meditative postures, as the photo above shows.  This is because your Jupiter finger touching your thumb initiates knowledge which is usually desired during meditation.

As energetic beings we always have energy flowing in and from us.  Your fingers are a source of this energy.  Your fingers correspond to certain planets and constellations:

Index Finger – Jupiter – Guidance and Knowledge
Middle Finger – Saturn – Purpose, Patience and Mood
Ring Finger – Apollo or Sun – Passion, Health and Creativity
Pinky Finger – Mercury – Communication
Thumb – Connects back to you and represents your ego (We want to channel these other traits back to our ego)

This becomes important when certain planets are in alignment and you can benefit or work though astrological issues while meditation in a certain finger position.  If you’ve ever done a full natal chart often there are squares and triangles that form with the planets alignment when you were born.  Some people struggle with issues throughout their life that can be worked on by channeling that planets energy back into yourself during meditation using Mudras.  Mudras allow us to bring prana back into ourselves and re-feeding that energy that is leaving our bodies.

If your example you are feeling a lack of communication with your loved one or your boss you can connect your pinky finger and your thumb while holding the other 3 fingers together and meditate on the feeling of communciation to bring that energy back into your awareness.

While there are hundreds of Mudra positions I find the 5 finger ones easy to do at any time during the day.  Touching the fingertips to the thumb brings that energy back.  Touching the palms together brings together yin & yang, masculine and feminine, the two sides of your being together. This is why it is used a lot in yoga as a way of being aware of both of those qualities in you and to balance you out.

You don’t need to do a full yoga class or a 20 minute meditation to quickly align yourself.  Try a few Mudras a day and see how you feel after each one.

Seven Chakra Meditation

Seven Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

If you are new to chakra therapy it is a good idea to become familiar with what your chakras are.  Chakras are part of the energy body, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the (non-physical) energy channels, called nadiis. Nadiis are channels in the subtle body through which the life force of your body moves.  When a specific chakra point is out of alignment you will notice symptoms that can be traced to that point.

There are times when specific chakras need attention but I like to do this full seven chakra meditation to get in full alignment.  I like to do this with some meditation music in the background.

Start out by focusing on your 1st chakra which is your root chakra located at the base of your tailbone.  This one grounds you and charges you from the earth.  Focus on the color red and repeat the mantra “I AM” three times.

Then move on to the 2nd chakra which is located mid abdomen under the belly button and above your groin.  This one deals with emotional feelings.  Focus on the color orange and repeat the mantra “I FEEL” three times.

Next is your 3rd chakra located at your belly button.  It deals with your will power and self-direction.  Focus on the color Yellow while repeating the mantra “I WILL” three times.

The 4th chakra is located on your heart.  It is the center of your heart and connects you to love and compassion.  Focus on the color green and repeat the mantra “I LOVE” three times.

Your 5th chakra is located on your throat.  It deals with psychic conciousness and the true meaning of communication.  Focus on the color sky blue while repeating the mantra “I SPEAK” three times.

Next is the 6th chakra which is the 3rd eye and located between your brows.  This is where visualization occurs and psychic awareness.  Focus on this area while seeing the color Indigo and repeat the mantra “I SEE” three times.

Finally the 7th chakra is located at the crown of your head.  It is connected to spiritual awakening and inner wisdom from the divine.  Focus on the color Violet and repeat the mantra “I KNOW” three times.

After this chakra repeat I AM, I FEEL, I WILL, I LOVE, I SPEAK, I SEE AND I KNOW.  Focus on each point as you process back up.

You can spend as much time on each as you feel you need.  If one area feels like it needs more attention it is probably out of alignment.  After this meditation you should feel fully recharged and renewed.


Ong namo guru dev namo

Ong namo guru dev namo


Ong namo guru dev namo is a powerful mantra used a lot in Kundalini yoga. It can be broken up as:

Ong Namo – I bow to the subtle divine wisdom
Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the divine teacher within

It was taught by Yogi Bhajan to allow yourself to relate to that divine teacher within yourself.

I like to use it at the start of a meditation. Mantras have powerful energy behind them. This one is great if you feel you need to connect with your higher self. It opens your mind to look past your ego and to accept Source energy.

It can be sung or spoken. Here is a link to a musical version: