The Book

Falling in Love with Your True Self

*COMING 2017*

Falling in Love with Your True Self by Michael Vincent Ford was inspired by Ford’s path of self-love to heal the past, live in the present and create the future while discovering the true self.

The concept of self love is viewed differently by many people.  The idea of falling in love with yourself sounds self absorbent, egotistical and selfish. You might ask how can you be in love with yourself?  How does loving yourself affect how you love someone else?  How will loving myself bring healthier relationships, a better career and more abundance?

Self love does not come from a place of criticism and doubt. It is not a feeling of being better or less than someone else. Self love cannot be compared to another person and is not based on what we see but rather how we feel about ourselves.

This book is a guide to help guide you on a path of self realization. The ideas discussed are based on your feelings and your intuition which are often ignored. This book isn’t meant to be a manual or set of rules that you follow blindly. These ideas are a starting point for you to see beyond whatever idea you have formed of yourself up until now. When you trust yourself and love yourself with certainty, you will realize all the things you thought were problems are in fact insignificant. You will notice that people will gravitate to you and you will start to be a creator of your life.

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