About Michael Vincent Ford

I am the youngest of five boys raised in a strict Catholic home by an Italian mother devout in her faith. Naturally I was expected to be an altar boy and as the youngest I was the last shot at a proper upbringing. Unlike my brothers, I was put into parochial school. Just like you would expect from the movies the nuns came equipped with large rulers they weren’t afraid to use. Days started with mass and ended with rosaries before dinner was served. At a young age, I was expected to have faith and faith was something I associated with ritual and guilt. You were expected to participate and genuflect in the way you were taught.

As a teenager, all I wanted to do was avoid anything that had to do with religion and God. To me, spirituality was something forced upon you and not something you experienced for yourself. This view of the world was something I held on to as my new religion. The power I felt knowing I could choose my beliefs and direct my life felt greater than anything I experienced in church. I labeled myself “A Recovering Catholic”, and proclaimed it whenever I could. “Recovering” because a Catholic always needed some guilt to continue exploiting.

There wasn’t a strong feeling of self that was taught to me with this type of upbringing. If there were issues at home or in your personal life you kept it to yourself and kept a strong exterior. Even though you appeared strong the opinions of others mattered. Ego and pride were important values to have. This life view doesn’t cater itself to belief in self and offer the option of faith.

I spent years just getting by job to job, relationship to relationship. I didn’t have any sense of purpose and couldn’t figure out why I was depressed and why my career and relationships were not working for me. I read more self-help books than you could imagine. Some of them helped others I couldn’t relate to. I sought out the answers I was so desperately needing in all of my relationships. Those didn’t work out so well as those people couldn’t fix what wasn’t theirs to fix. My career was not progressing as fast as I wanted and I thought nothing would ever change for me.

One day I woke up and thought there has to be a pattern here. Why were relationships not lasting? Why was I not financially secure? Why why why? This started me on a path of self-discovery. I spent the next few years immersing myself in meditation, yoga, and manifestation techniques. Anything that allowed me to view where I was in my life and why I lacked a faith of any kind. A part of me was aware that I ran away from faith because of how it was forced upon me. Another part of me needed to face the fact that I wasn’t viewing myself the way I would want others to. The old saying “If you can’t float your boat, how do you expect anyone to want to sail across the ocean with you?” never rang truer. It was then and there that I saw that money, love, career, and happiness all started and ended with me. This started my idea of a Self Love Revolution that changed my life forever. The idea that you and only you could change yourself started me on writing my book “Falling in Love with your True Self” and for creating With Divine Purpose.

With Divine Purpose is a place to share my experiences with others, my views on self-love, learning techniques on how to find your Divine Purpose and how to live a positive happy life. Purpose and certainty are two things I believe are paramount to any happy successful life.

I hope you find my words encouraging and helpful on your own journey to finding your Divine Purpose.

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