The Self Love Revolution

What is the Self-Love Revolution?

There is a revolution brewing, and it’s one to take back the love for ourselves. A battle of sorts between the ego’s view of ourselves vs our true identity. A struggle in a world of social media where many people base their lives and their identities on what other people are doing.  Lives compared to others based on how great those other’s lives appear to be, has created a lack of self-love.

People can make the assumption that the idea of self-love is selfish and self-absorbed because it’s focused around the individual self. We are often told to give love to others while sacrificing our own need to be loved. For example, many spend their days liking others online posts written  around their luxury lifestyles, travels and ego based posts yet if you were to love yourself it’s considered narcissistic.

The view of loving yourself has been around a long time, but it’s not discussed in modern religion and psychological studies. We are told to dedicate yourself to your deity or to not be an emotional person as this leads to mental problems and judgment. We live in a society where we hide our emotions and focus on what others view as normal behavior. Similarly, the hiding of these emotions leads to self-pity and depression.

People think they know who they are, but who you are when your life isn’t working is based more in ego than true self. Your ego will convince you that you could be defined by race, religion, gender, career title or whatever you have labeled yourself.  Your true self though is beyond any of those labels and isn’t afraid to accept and love yourself unconditionally. This is where the theory of self-love comes in and how loving yourself more, helps you love others more.

How do you love yourself more as well as being able to offer that love to others?

Self-love starts with freeing the past that holds you back. Releasing a belief that who you are is based on what choices you have made and viewing yourself based on those choices. The next step is to practice living from a more present moment and allowing life to react to your presence rather than you reacting to life.  It’s dependent on accepting who you are with your ego peeled back and realizing your deepest wishes.

Self-love is acceptance without outside influences but beyond that it is accepting that you are bigger than the self you have defined yourself to be. If you were defined as a talent or as a specific identity, you limit how great you truly are.  Loving yourself is not vain it’s self-important! So important that your emotional and spiritual selves depend on that love to survive. It’s never using negatives to describe yourself and having confidence in your choices based on certainty in self, not fear of inadequacy. It’s looking in the mirror and knowing you matter and that you have a purpose in the world. Repeating the words I love myself, I am special, and I matter enough to myself to do this for me. This doesn’t come from ego, this comes from spirit. You aren’t telling another person how great you are so, they think less about themselves.  You are telling yourself how great you are so, others can be motivated to view themselves in the same way.

This is where the self-love revolution happens on a bigger scale. Notably, when you love yourself more and accept your true identity, the way you react to others and the choices you make will then spark that desire in others. When you are happy with life, others are attracted to your happiness and that happiness will spread like wildfire.  Any revolution starts with one individual; one individual who believes in their passion strong enough to inspire change.  This energy can then affect another individual.

The dark ages of the ego are coming to an end, that is to say, people are allowing the light in themselves to shine without judgement. To put it briefly, it’s a time for enlightenment and inner reflection. Go ahead allow yourself to love – you more each day.

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