Tarot: The High Priestess

Tarot: The High Priestess



The High Priestess is a card of duality and an option between two choices.  Many decks refer to the High Priestess as the moon goddess.  You will see she sits between dark and light colored columns.  These columns can be seen as negative/positive, good/bad, strength and wisdom.

She holds the Tora in her arms which represents the wisdom and knowledge within.  The night sky with a crescent moon which represents the cyclical way of the moon also cycles into a daytime scene.  This card is all about duality while having the wisdom to see the commonality.


Most of the time if we listened to our instincts we would already have the answer.   Other times we are torn between the choices and need guidance to come back to our natural instinctual certainty.  Meditate on this card to find an answer to something that is holding you back in life or when you have the choice between two options.  The guidance will come from looking inside oneself and respecting both sides of the duality of any given choice.

From “A Guide to the New Palladini Tarot” by Susan Hansson

Numeral 2: Knowledge. Holding Pattern.  Gentle, passive, artistic.
Hebrew Letter: Gimel: wisdom.  The holding place of knowledge as yet unrevealed.
Cabalah: Path 3: Kether (God) to Tifereth (son)
Astrological Influence: The moon.  The moon controls the tides and thus the emotions, imagination, moods, and rhythms.  It reflects the light of the sun.

Tarot: The Chariot

Tarot: The Chariot


The Chariot is a card of self importance and of control of one’s destiny.  Often in Tarot night scenes and the moon represent emotions and psychic abilities.  This card is the opposite of that and shows a bright sun, a sun shield and armor.  This card is about strength, certainty and the ability to direct your life in the way you know best.

On the shoulder of the warrior is his moon sign.  Even when in the physical realm of masculine energy your moon/emotional side is always there to guide you.  This card shows someone who knows who they are, what their strengths are and what their purpose is.

the-chariot-tarot-illuminatiOn his shoulders sits a bird which I see as your spiritual animal, your soul so to speak along with your moon sign that guides you.  This is your intuition and your passion which are always the best tools you have to forge forward and achieve what you are meant to achieve.  This is a great card to meditate on to find purpose and be certain of your choices.

Below from the “A Guide To The New Palladini Tarot” by Susan Hansson:

Numeral 7: Soul development, fate, destiny.  Security.  Luck.
Hebrew Letter: Cheth: sight.
Cabalah: Path 8: Binah (mother) to Geburah (strength).
Astrological Influence: Cancer. The crab is a receptive water sign with a tough exterior concealing and protecting his interior.
Motto: “I feel/I brood.”