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The 10 Self Empowerment Tools: #1 Your Positive Story

The 10 Self Empowerment Tools: #1 Your Positive Story

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The 10 Self Empowerment Tools are a collection of tools you can use to live a more self-empowered life.  When you are in a place of happiness your whole life takes shape.  Love, joy, success and fulfillment all become realities in your life.  In this 10 step guide I will reveal the tools to live a happy, loving, positive thinking life using the concept of self-love.  This path to happiness is available to anyone.  The only thing needed to achieve it, is the desire.

What I am revealing to you will only remind you of what is your natural state of being. We started as happy beings and we decide on a moment to moment basis if we permit that happiness or oppose it.  Worrying about a bad thought or poor choice you have made in your life shouldn’t deter you on this journey to happiness as it can be reversed when you are ready to change your vibration.  Sometimes quickly and at other times it can be a longer transition.

Moving forward, you learn that the momentum you give to any reaction or emotion in your life dictates how easy it is to return to your natural state of being, which is happiness.  The first tool that will help you stay within a positive existence is the way you discuss yourself with others.  More importantly, it is how you describe yourself to yourself.

When we reveal the stories of our lives from a place of positivity, your past becomes the lesson and ignorance is excluded from your future.

When I say story I mean how you describe yourself to others and the way you express how your life has unfolded until this moment.  Let’s take for example, someone who used to hold a very important position at a company.  They felt they worked their entire career to get to that position.  Subsequently, this person had a terrible breakup which then threw them into a deep depression.  As a result of that split their work suffered, and they were let go from their job.

In the aftermath of being fired the conversations with friends would be focused on how their relationship fell apart.  Their energy has now shifted towards every detail of what went wrong in that relationship and how it has destroyed their life.  They talk about how the injustice they have experienced is attributed to the universe not repairing their broken relationship and how nobody at work understood what they had gone through.  Details about how their boss was a horrible person and how that job fired them without cause becomes a regular topic.

We can agree that as a friend or family member we would want to listen to them as they go through this unfortunate time to offer emotional support.  All the while thinking this person doesn’t value themselves, lacks self-confidence, nor do they see the process of how their life got to that point.  If you were to call this person up and ask how they were, they would use words like: terrible, overweight, sad, low, lonely.

The way you tell your story directs how you feel about yourself and how others view you.  Negative stories and negative descriptors attract more of the same.

If you can’t see yourself from a positive perspective how can anyone else see you that way?

Given that like attracts like, a better way of handling this life experience would be to say you parted ways with your past partner as you both were not offering each other the happiness you both deserved.  You could also say you have started a new journey in life with more self-love and more positivity. You could also summarize your job situation as your job didn’t work out but you know that if you could achieve that position in your career before you have the potential to do it again.

Telling your story in this way would uplift you.  You would feel well being and happiness when you discussed the past.  People would describe you as optimistic and enjoy spending time with you.  You would see evidence that those emotions attract more of the same.  Someone would recommend you for a new job based on your great outlook.  If you desired it you see that there would be many options available to you both in love and in your career.

How your story is told sets your emotional outlook.  That outlook attracts the manifestations of those emotions.  Even if you feel it is difficult to tell a positive story while feeling negative, the act of trying will slowly nudge you in the right direction.  A nudge at a time though slow will offer you the momentum to move into a more positive space.  It will help you believe the story you are telling and as a result the universe will deliver what you believe to be true in the speed at which you are ready to receive it.