The 10 Self Empowerment Tools: #2 Expectations

The 10 Self Empowerment Tools: #2 Expectations

The 10 Self Empowerment Tools are a collection of tools you can use to live a more self-empowered life.  When you are in a place of happiness, your whole life takes shape.  Love, joy, success and fulfillment all become realities in your life.  In this 10 step guide I will reveal the tools to live a happy, loving, positive thinking life using the concept of self-love.  This path to happiness is available to anyone.  The only thing needed to achieve it, is the desire.

The second tool for self empowerment is the power of your expectations.  When you look up the word expectation in the dictionary it is defined as:

“a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.”

The keywords here are “strong belief”, “will happen” and “in the future”.  How you expect any situation in your life to unfold is the intended path you place yourself on emotionally.  If we follow the law of attraction which states that like attracts like then we can say:

What you expect in your life attracts that expectation based on your strong belief it will happen.

Expectations are influenced usually by a belief you hold.  Beliefs are habits of thoughts based on how things have worked out on any subject in your life.  This is where it gets tricky.  If you have habits of thought something will happen in a certain way, that is probably how it will turn out.  When you are practicing a belief and are sending out the energy of this belief, it can’t be a shock when your desire didn’t pan out the way you hoped.  You can’t attract amazing beautiful things in your life if you hold a belief you either don’t deserve them or they rarely happen for you.  Law of attraction works by matching your emotions to the things you would like to experience.

Given that you would like to manifest your desires sooner than later you have to choose to shift your energy to match your expectation.  Instead of basing your expectations on beliefs lets practice expectations based on desire.  The best way to practice this is to experiment with general expectations.  The reason you want to use a general desire is that specific manifestations happen when you are in a place to allow them into your life.  If your expectations haven’t matched your desires, going general is a much easier place to begin.  Going general around a subject is a fast way to shift your emotional response to something that isn’t working in your life.

The first step in going general is to find what is working in your life.  Everybody has something that works for them.  It can be as trivial as waking up every morning.  Maybe you are the type that always lands the job.  You could be a fantastic cook or you are talented at sports.  Find that one thing you don’t worry about that you feel is a certainty in your life.  It could be your family, your job, your talents or even your view of yourself.  Once you have identified what is working, focus on how it feels.  Do you recognize the certainty related to this part of your life?  The fact that you never worry in regards to this subject?  It should feel 100% without a doubt something you can count on.  That feeling of certainty is your true self without worry and doubt.  Use this feeling to practice new desires and how it would feel to have them.  Whenever you have a desire you don’t feel you expect will happen go back to that general what works emotion and apply it to your desire.  Match them up to that certain feeling and watch your expectations shift.

Additionally another great exercise to open your awareness and shift your views of expectations is to test it out with something small.  It can be anything from seeing purple shoelaces to a certain set of numbers on a license plate.  This is one of my favorite exercises to watch the law of attraction work its magic quickly.  Pick something you wouldn’t usually notice but is in your daily life.  Tell yourself you will 100% expect to see this thing today.  Believe without a doubt it has to be seen.  You will notice when you are going about your normal day you are more aware that it will show up.  This awareness is your allowance of the universe to bring what you desire into your present moment.  When you see what you have chosen, it should feel exciting.  That excitement and eagerness proves your power to attract, what once was just a thought.  Believing it can happen without doubt and allowing yourself to open your awareness to its delivery are all the steps to take a desire to a reality.

Start by finding something small say you put out the desire to receive an unexpected hug today or that you would see purple shoelaces.  This is very general but helps to show you the power of your expectations.  Practice for the day the expectation you will certainty see purple shoelaces.  Every part of your being believes they will appear and you know you will find them.  You can use anything general in this experiment but make sure it’s something you expect will happen.  The way this desire manifests can happen in unexpected ways.  As an example, someone could wear shoes with purple laces or it could be on sale in a shop.  This is where you practice allowing your desire to happen without controlling how it manifests.

Moving forward as you practice these general expectations for small things in your life and see that shifting your perception works, you can then focus on more specific desires in your life.  You can shift your expectations about yourself and how you would like your life to be without doubt.  When you practice positive expectations and let the universe deliver your desire in the best way that fits into your life, you will see the changes in your life you have wanted.

The journey to a desire

The journey to a desire

Journey to a Desire

The journey to a desire can be more enjoyable than the manifestation of it.

Excerpt from “Falling in Love with your True Self”

“This is hard for many people to grasp.  The idea that you can feel happiness before you obtain the thing you feel brings you happiness.  This is where examining the journey to manifestation comes into play.  Just as you have a journey on a road trip the journey to your manifestations and the creation of the idea are just as important.”