mobile vision boards

Mobile Vision Boards

Mobile Vision Boards


If you aren’t familiar with vision boards they are a visual layout of your goals and desires.   Vision boards are tools to remind you on a daily basis the direction you would like your life to take.  It can be a cork board with images pinned to it, a dry erase or chalk board where you can write down your desires and affirmations or it could be as simple as a notebook you keep your goals in.

A vision board can be a great tool to help align your emotions around a set of goals you would like to manifest.  I have used mine to write down my affirmations as well as keep a set of ideas visually available to me.  The issue with a vision board at home is you are usually dealing with the most stress and doubt while at work, traffic and in the outside world.  When you are home you have more control over what effects you.  When you are at work, in traffic, or on the street you are tested the most to see if you can keep a positive outlook on the direction of your life.

This is where I came up with the idea of using a mobile vision board.  There are many mobile apps that offer you affirmations, mantras, and goal reminders.  What I wanted was a way to see my vision board every time I used my phone, which to the dismay of my friends is much too often (new goal not to look at phone so much).  What I decided to do was using the concept of a photo collage we all see on Instagram and Facebook and piece in different images that represent my desires.

This collaged image can then be made the wallpaper on your phone.  I use one of my lock screen and one for my main wallpaper.  Every time I check my phone for an update I get a visual representation of where I want my life to be.  I see my passions and desires multiple times a day now.  Over time this constant reminder pushes your mood into that good feeling place of optimism we all need in this stressful world.

There are many apps you can use to make the collages.  I like Pic Stitch to create the collages and FitWallp to make it the perfect size for the phone’s wallpaper if you want to do it all on your phone.  Collage Factory on the Mac is a great app as well to create the boards on your computer.  You can play around with a few apps to get your mobile vision boards started.  Below are a few generic examples to inspire you.  Feel free to be specific and unique on your personal boards.


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