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The 10 Self Empowerment Tools: #1 Your Positive Story

The 10 Self Empowerment Tools: #1 Your Positive Story

Positive Quote With Divine Purpose

The 10 Self Empowerment Tools are a collection of tools you can use to live a more self-empowered life.  When you are in a place of happiness your whole life takes shape.  Love, joy, success and fulfillment all become realities in your life.  In this 10 step guide I will reveal the tools to live a happy, loving, positive thinking life using the concept of self-love.  This path to happiness is available to anyone.  The only thing needed to achieve it, is the desire.

What I am revealing to you will only remind you of what is your natural state of being. We started as happy beings and we decide on a moment to moment basis if we permit that happiness or oppose it.  Worrying about a bad thought or poor choice you have made in your life shouldn’t deter you on this journey to happiness as it can be reversed when you are ready to change your vibration.  Sometimes quickly and at other times it can be a longer transition.

Moving forward, you learn that the momentum you give to any reaction or emotion in your life dictates how easy it is to return to your natural state of being, which is happiness.  The first tool that will help you stay within a positive existence is the way you discuss yourself with others.  More importantly, it is how you describe yourself to yourself.

When we reveal the stories of our lives from a place of positivity, your past becomes the lesson and ignorance is excluded from your future.

When I say story I mean how you describe yourself to others and the way you express how your life has unfolded until this moment.  Let’s take for example, someone who used to hold a very important position at a company.  They felt they worked their entire career to get to that position.  Subsequently, this person had a terrible breakup which then threw them into a deep depression.  As a result of that split their work suffered, and they were let go from their job.

In the aftermath of being fired the conversations with friends would be focused on how their relationship fell apart.  Their energy has now shifted towards every detail of what went wrong in that relationship and how it has destroyed their life.  They talk about how the injustice they have experienced is attributed to the universe not repairing their broken relationship and how nobody at work understood what they had gone through.  Details about how their boss was a horrible person and how that job fired them without cause becomes a regular topic.

We can agree that as a friend or family member we would want to listen to them as they go through this unfortunate time to offer emotional support.  All the while thinking this person doesn’t value themselves, lacks self-confidence, nor do they see the process of how their life got to that point.  If you were to call this person up and ask how they were, they would use words like: terrible, overweight, sad, low, lonely.

The way you tell your story directs how you feel about yourself and how others view you.  Negative stories and negative descriptors attract more of the same.

If you can’t see yourself from a positive perspective how can anyone else see you that way?

Given that like attracts like, a better way of handling this life experience would be to say you parted ways with your past partner as you both were not offering each other the happiness you both deserved.  You could also say you have started a new journey in life with more self-love and more positivity. You could also summarize your job situation as your job didn’t work out but you know that if you could achieve that position in your career before you have the potential to do it again.

Telling your story in this way would uplift you.  You would feel well being and happiness when you discussed the past.  People would describe you as optimistic and enjoy spending time with you.  You would see evidence that those emotions attract more of the same.  Someone would recommend you for a new job based on your great outlook.  If you desired it you see that there would be many options available to you both in love and in your career.

How your story is told sets your emotional outlook.  That outlook attracts the manifestations of those emotions.  Even if you feel it is difficult to tell a positive story while feeling negative, the act of trying will slowly nudge you in the right direction.  A nudge at a time though slow will offer you the momentum to move into a more positive space.  It will help you believe the story you are telling and as a result the universe will deliver what you believe to be true in the speed at which you are ready to receive it.

The journey to a desire

The journey to a desire

Journey to a Desire

The journey to a desire can be more enjoyable than the manifestation of it.

Excerpt from “Falling in Love with your True Self”

“This is hard for many people to grasp.  The idea that you can feel happiness before you obtain the thing you feel brings you happiness.  This is where examining the journey to manifestation comes into play.  Just as you have a journey on a road trip the journey to your manifestations and the creation of the idea are just as important.”

Easter – Dr. Maya Angelou “Still I Rise”

Easter – Dr. Maya Angelou “Still I Rise”


Easter has a theme of rebirth and rising from insurmountable odds.  When I read “Still I Rise” by Dr. Maya Angelou it reminds me of the power of ascension.

Still I Rise

Maya Angelou1928 – 2014You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Pc-Wallpaper-Sun-Rising-WallpaperJust like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own backyard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

6a00e54edc5c68883301347fe140d3970cLeaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise."
The Caveman Present Moment Exercise

The Caveman Present Moment Exercise

Cartoon caveman weight lifting

The purpose of this exercise is to understand what is important to your present life and what is a distraction to you aligning with your true self.  We have a lot of distractions in our modern world that keeps us from the joy has to offer.  I see a lot of new diets that focus on the caveman eating patterns.  This is beneficial because today’s food is filled with pesticides, hormones and artificial additives.


Just like the food being offered the social interactions and view of ourselves are being polluted by artificial distractions.  To connect to your true self and realize your dreams you need to separate yourself from what is distracting you.  During this exercise, I want you to imagine you live in the caveman period of humanity.  Take away anything in your mind that relates to your current lifestyle of a modern human.  To make this fun lets take our current worries back in time to this period as a way to leave the past behind and return to our natural way of being which is living in the present moment.

You can do this exercise in your mind or on a sheet of paper.  Start out by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.  This exercise works best in a meditative state but can also be practiced in your mind at any time of day.  As I start this exercise, I imagine myself going further and further back in time to the Paleo period.  I envision myself in a vast lush jungle with the sounds of exotic long extinct wildlife.


When I am stressed and distracted I find my mind can immediately begin to worry about modern concerns.  Sometimes it can be, how will I pay rent next month?  Possibly it’s regarding a deadline for an article I wanted to finish that I hadn’t.  At the same time, I imagine I hear the roar of a ferocious T-Rex dinosaur.  He seems to be attracted to my worrying thoughts.


The more I worry the closer he seems to be.  This T-Rex finds worry delicious and fun to hunt.  Knowing that he loves these distractions, I throw them behind me to keep him satisfied with my worrying treats.  It’s similar to a bee that is flying near you.  It is more attracted to you because you fear it.  With worry comes the monsters, which is ego and doubt.  Envisioning these details helps you remove yourself from your worry and allows you to see that your lack of certainty is self created.

So, I release more and more distractions as bait for the nearby predator.  Cavemen don’t worry about an email from their boss or about a deadline (thrown to the predator).  They can’t waste time worrying about why their crush didn’t call back.  There are plenty of mates in the jungle (thrown to the predator).  The survival of the caveman is dependent on what he really needs and what helps him survive.  His or her survival is dependent on sustenance, safety, certainty and clarity in who he/she is and what must be done.  That certainty is what allows him to survive and not only survive but thrive in this world.  If he were to spend time worrying about how will he find dinner, will he be safe, where will he sleep in a month, he would be consumed by predators when his guard is let down by these distractions.

What is this blind belief that he will be ok?  Where do the abilities come from that allow him to survive without worry?  It is his faith and certainty in who he is and what he must do that allows him to survive.

Be like the caveman and emerge from the overgrown dark jungle to a beautiful lush valley free of predators and worry.


In this lush valley predators may not enter.  There are waterfalls and abundant fruit trees.  Enjoy the experience of being safe and without worry.  Allow yourself to let go and trust in the fact that well being is always flowing your way.

Mobile Vision Boards

Mobile Vision Boards


If you aren’t familiar with vision boards they are a visual layout of your goals and desires.   Vision boards are tools to remind you on a daily basis the direction you would like your life to take.  It can be a cork board with images pinned to it, a dry erase or chalk board where you can write down your desires and affirmations or it could be as simple as a notebook you keep your goals in.

A vision board can be a great tool to help align your emotions around a set of goals you would like to manifest.  I have used mine to write down my affirmations as well as keep a set of ideas visually available to me.  The issue with a vision board at home is you are usually dealing with the most stress and doubt while at work, traffic and in the outside world.  When you are home you have more control over what effects you.  When you are at work, in traffic, or on the street you are tested the most to see if you can keep a positive outlook on the direction of your life.

This is where I came up with the idea of using a mobile vision board.  There are many mobile apps that offer you affirmations, mantras, and goal reminders.  What I wanted was a way to see my vision board every time I used my phone, which to the dismay of my friends is much too often (new goal not to look at phone so much).  What I decided to do was using the concept of a photo collage we all see on Instagram and Facebook and piece in different images that represent my desires.

This collaged image can then be made the wallpaper on your phone.  I use one of my lock screen and one for my main wallpaper.  Every time I check my phone for an update I get a visual representation of where I want my life to be.  I see my passions and desires multiple times a day now.  Over time this constant reminder pushes your mood into that good feeling place of optimism we all need in this stressful world.

There are many apps you can use to make the collages.  I like Pic Stitch to create the collages and FitWallp to make it the perfect size for the phone’s wallpaper if you want to do it all on your phone.  Collage Factory on the Mac is a great app as well to create the boards on your computer.  You can play around with a few apps to get your mobile vision boards started.  Below are a few generic examples to inspire you.  Feel free to be specific and unique on your personal boards.


loveboard  moneysuccess11156369_920224184666409_8210157045500309422_n

What are affirmations and how can you use them to heal your past?

What are affirmations and how can you use them to heal your past?


What are affirmations and how can you use them to heal your past?

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Falling in Love with Your True Self – Using self love to have healthier relationships, attract more abundance and finding your Divine Purpose”.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation can be described as any encouraging statement that is affirmative or believed to be true. Affirmations are a way to overcome the subconscious mind that often tells us something bad will happen, that we need to focus on the past and that we don’t deserve happiness. Think of affirmations as your spiritual boot camp drill sergeant who you know wouldn’t want you to eat that slice of cake but wouldn’t punish you for it either. “I WILL LOVE MYSELF MORE YES, DRILL SERGEANT”! He’s there to help you get into spiritual shape and feel better about yourself but only when you were ready to allow his help.

Earlier we worked on an exercise of using past statements and turning them into affirmations that can help you move past those experiences. Affirmations can be a strong tool in your self love toolbox. They are accessible at any time and can be tailored to your specific situation. To be fully effective they should to be believed and practiced from a place of certainty.

The idea of believing something when you feel you are in a place of complete opposition to the affirmation can be plain difficult to comprehend. While your spiritual drill sergeant wants you to feel better and sees that you have the choice to be happy sometimes we want to tell him “listen you’re crazy and this one slice of cake won’t hurt”. The reality is when we are in that place of not feeling good about ourselves, the self loathing can feel safe and even comfortable to many people. This is where the old adage “fake it till you make it” can be the solution. Just as when you put effort, thought and repetition into feeling bad about yourself the same can happen by repeating an affirmation.

A great way to accomplish this is to write your affirmations out onto a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it often. I like to put these notes in my wallet, on the bathroom mirror, and even on my dashboard in my car. At times when I wouldn’t think to read the affirmation it’s there in my daily life to remind me of something positive. Even if I don’t feel I’m in the emotional state of that affirmation the constant presence of it in my daily life slowly expands into my present conscious beliefs through repetition.

Having it on your bathroom mirror serves another purpose, it allows you to see yourself repeating the affirmation. This might seem silly at first and can even feel uncomfortable but as you do it more the image of yourself exposed only to yourself and stating something positive about yourself helps you move into that feeling wholeheartedly. If you feel uncomfortable doing the mirror work laugh at yourself in the mirror be silly, make faces and try reading the affirmation again.

When you laugh you are more connected to your true self. Your true self is never unhappy, worried or sad. When you are laughing, passionate about something and fully open to an experience , that is your true self coming through. Affirmations are a way for you experience what your true self has waiting for you that you haven’t actualized yet because of resistance. When you experience joy and laughter you take away the power your ego has over you achieving the affirmation. Faking it till you make it is a tool to overcome a strong ego but the reality is when you connect to your true self there is no faking it, you can only experience well being.

Before we go into how to use affirmations it’s important to understand how to create them and which ones can serve you the best. While an affirmation can be anything that encourages positive feeling within yourself for the purpose of self love it should be focused on just the self. If we write out affirmations about someone else influencing your life you shift that self love energy into one that is dependent on another’s feelings or thoughts. An example would be “I am at peace with who I am” vs “Others see that I am at peace with myself”. When it comes to self healing affirmations you should focus your feelings to just the way you want to feel about yourself.

When you come up with the affirmations that can help you the most I encourage you to think of where you are lacking self love in your current emotional state. If you put a lot of thought into past relationships focus your affirmations on how you are in relation to yourself. If financial issues plague your daily thoughts create affirmations based on financial security. The affirmations you choose should be simple and short so you can set the vibration of that belief without too much effort.

The other important thing to know when creating affirmations is how you use the words “I AM”. Often I hear people describe themselves as “I am sad”, “I am broke”, “I am fat”. When you say I am anything you are sending out a message not only to others but to yourself of how you feel about yourself. Anytime you say “I AM,” you are creating your reality. The reality is you are never sad, broke or fat you are just experiencing that emotion or belief but you are not those things. One can experience sadness but one is not the essence of sadness. Sadness does not define who you truly are as a person. When you say I am sad you are allowing yourself to believe you are that sadness and you are sending a vibration of attracting more sadness. The words I AM are one of the most powerful two words you can use. There are many books based on the I AM theory which can be traced back to the name God told Moses he was when asked from the burning bush. For the purpose of this book and in relation to affirmations lets focus on keeping the words that follow I AM as something positive and uplifting.

Knowing now that we can write affirmations hat focus on our own self love, that we use only positive words after I AM, it’s also important to finish the affirmation with words that bring that feeling of certainty. An example of this can be “I AM happy” vs “I AM happy no matter what”. The second affirmation leaves no room for doubt and doesn’t allow uncertainty when you are allowing yourself to believe the affirmation. Certainty is a feeling we want to allow into our thoughts whenever we are coming from a place of self love. When there is no wavering in your belief of how you feel about yourself its an incredible place to be.

Using affirmations to let go of past thinking 

Knowing the power of affirmations, lets start to create ones that can help you let go of those thoughts of past mistakes or experiences that are holding you back so you can move into a more joyous present moment. Start with affirmations that relate to the things that you worry about most or that you haven’t been able to move past.

Let’s use the example of a past relationship you haven’t been able to move on from. We could use the tools I suggested earlier and create affirmations that allow you to feel better about yourself and that don’t focus too much on what isn’t in your current life.

“I AM at peace with my past relationships and ONLY attract people that are aligned with my best self”

This affirmation you can see doesn’t focus on what went wrong, name the person you haven’t moved on from and brings in a feeling of certainty with the word ONLY while utilizing a positive I AM statement. If we were to say “I AM at peace with my breakup from Bob” you would be bringing in the energy of that person while you could be attracting healing and self love to yourself that shouldn’t be affected by Bob anymore. Bob obviously didn’t make you feel too great so why attract more of that energy into your life. If you were to say “I AM at peace with not feeling abandoned” you are attracting a feeling that you could be abandoned by another person or reliving that feeling of abandonment that you allowed yourself to feel in the past. The goal of affirmations are to bring about a better feeling than where you currently stand in relation to the emotion you want to feel.

Once you have your affirmations created write them down on sticky notes or even type them on your mobile device and set a reminder throughout the day that alerts you of the affirmation. I like to set alarm reminders and put the affirmations as the note in the alarm. I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that changes week to week but reminds me of how I would like to feel. The first day I have the affirmation up I can read it out loud but don’t always belief it immediately. I find that after days of reading it and feeling it to be true that it becomes a core belief and allows me to attract that statement into my life more easily. I encourage you to start to believe the affirmations you write out for it to really effect you in a positive way and to heal from what’s holding you back in life.