Tao Te Ching: 6th Verse

Tao Te Ching: 6th Verse


6th Verse

The spirit that never dies
is called the mysterious feminine.
Although she becomes the whole universe,
her immaculate purity is never lost.
Although she assumes countless forms,
her true identity remains intact.

The gateway to the mysterious female
is called the root of creation.

Listen to her voice,
hear it echo through creation.
Without fail, she reveals her presence.
Without fail, she brings us to our own perfection.
Although it is invisible, it endures;
it will never end.

This verse of the Tao Te Ching speaks of that thing not seen but that is felt, the gift of creation.  Creation can be mother nature acting out on it’s own or your own creational drive within you which is your passion.  Passion is felt when you are connected to your true self and to your Source.

Even though it is available to all, it’s uniqueness is always available to each individual that accepts its presence.  The way it flows in our life is also unique to each person and can come out in art, your career or in the way you interact with other people.

Lao-tzu speaks of listening to her voice and hearing her echo.  When you listen and trust your intuition she will then reveal her presence.  This is often seen when you trust in yourself and are certain of your choices.  When this happens everything falls into place as it should.  Although it is invisible, it endurance shows us that even if we lose track of our passion and our own creative talents, it is always available to us when we are ready to receive it’s purpose.

10th Verse Tao Te Ching

10th Verse Tao Te Ching


Carrying body and soul
and embracing the one,can you avoid separation?

Can you let your body become
as supple as a newborn child’s?In the opening and shutting of heaven’s gate,
can you play the feminine part?

Can you love your people
and govern your domain
without self-importance?

Giving birth and nourishing;
having, yet not possessing;working, yet not taking credit;
leading without controlling or dominating.

One who heeds this power
brings the Tao to this very earth.
This is the primal virtue.

This verse talks about seeing yourself in everyone.  Specially if you feel you are judging them.  Feeling the oneness in all your encounters opens you up to see a different perspective than you would if you separate yourself from others.

This separation goes beyond just people but also your possessions.  Taking pleasure in your possessions without becoming attached to them.  At the end of the day you own no one and nothing.  Everything in life is flowing and changing.  These possessions don’t define you just as a person does not make you who you are.

Allow yourself to observe and be happy with your “things” and the people in your life.  Living in the present knowing that life is change and evolution.

Practice separating the duality and be one with all things and people.